homeopathy-careerHomeopaths treat people with a wide range of medical conditions. They take a ‘holistic’ approach – looking at the individual’s life as a whole, rather than just their physical symptoms.

The job details:

Meeting patients and asking questions about their condition and their wider lives choosing the most appropriate method of applying homeopathy choosing a remedy most likely to work for each patient – either a one-off remedy or a course of treatment explaining how to take and store the remedy supplied advising on diet and other lifestyle factors monitoring the patient’s progress, through phone calls, email or further consultation keeping patient records advertising and publicising the practice, perhaps through talks or seminars managing the business accounts keeping up to date with developments in homeopathy and other health issues.

Mentoring and Supervising Homeopathic students.

Professional Skills – A homeopath needs to:

  1. Have a strong belief in and commitment to homeopathy
  2. An interest in alternative and complementary approaches to health
  3. A concern about conventional medical treatment and its side-effects
  4. Knowledgeable about disease processes and homeopathic remedies
  5. Responsive to clients’ personal issues and problems, but remain professional a good manager

Personal Skills:– A homeopath needs to:

  1. An enquiring mind and a willingness to learn
  2. Be a good listener, skilled at explaining complex issues in a simple manner
  3. Be able to inspire trust, and build a rapport with all kinds of people analytical, non-judgemental
  4. Confident, enthusiastic and energetic to promote and build a practice

Medical Internships in Shri Vijay Homeo Clinic
Broaden your understanding of the medical field by gaining hands-on work experience at “Shri Vijay Homeo Clinic”. Interns in medical internships are typically placed in local hospitals and clinics, helping the local community by providing much-needed medical services.

If you have an interest in a particular field or aspect of medicine you can upload your resume here.


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