Types of Psoriasis

1) Plaque Psoriasis:-

This is the most common type about 8 to 10 people of Psoriasis have this kind it may also called "Psoriasis Vulgaris"

- Plaque Psoriasis may causes raised inflamed, red skin covered of Silvery, white scales.

- These Patches may itch and burn it can appear anywhere on your body but often pops up the following areas of body.

- Elbow

- Knees

- Scalp

- Lower back


2) Guttate Psoriasis:-

This type often starts in children / young adults.

- It happens less than 2% of cases.

- It causes small, Pink-red spots on your skin.

Mainly affects.

- Trunk

- Upper arms

- Thighs

- Scalp


3) Inverse Psoriasis:-

This type shows up areas that are bright red, smooth & Shiny, but don't have scales.

Mainly affects. 

- Armpits

- Groin

- Under the breast

- Skin folds around the genitals & buttocks it may worsen of sweating & rubbing.


4) Pustular Psoriasis:-

It is an uncommon & mostly appears in adults.

It causes pus filled bumps (pustules) surrounded by red skin.

This type show up on one area of your body such as the hands & feet.


5) Erythrodermic Psoriasis:-

It is least common, but very serious it affects most of your body & causes widespread, fiery skin & appears burn.

Symp: -

- Severe itching burning or peeling.

- A faster heart rate.

- Change in body temperature.


6) Nail Psoriasis:-

This is more common in people having Psoriatic arthritis, which affects your joint

- Even half of those of Psoriasis have nail changes.

Symp: -

- Pitting of your nails.

- Tender, Painful nails.

- Separation of the nails from the bed.

- Color changes (yellow brown)

- Chalk-like material under your nails.

- Fungal infection.


7) Psoriatic arthritis:-

This is a condition where you have between Psoriasis & Arthritis (Joint inflammation). In 70% of cases, people have Psoriasis for about 10 yr before developing Psoriatic arthritis.

- Symp is Painful, stiff in morning & after rest.

- Sausage like swelling of the fingers & toe, it may be discolored.

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