A) Primary Cause:-
1) Rise in androgen levels (In adolescent, rising in androgen level)
2) Genetic Susceptibility
3) Medication contains cortico steroids, lithium.
4) Hormonal changes during pregnancy.

B) Secondary Causes:-
1) Diet:
- Including excessive oily food.
- Sweets, Chocolates.
- Improper diet & food habits.
- Dairy Products bread etc.
- Spicy foods, hot beverages, Carbohydrate rich food
- Smoking & Alcohol.
- Lack of exercise
- Constipation.
- Insufficient rest.
2) Recurrently work in greasy area such as kitchen where your skin comes in contact of oily lotions.
3) Greasy Cosmetics.
4) Over exposure to sun.
Factors which can trigger:-
- Menstrual cycle.
- Anxiety & Stress.
- Hot & humid climates.
- Greasy hair & pimple squeezing.

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