Self care Measures

- Take a warm shower to soften your skin.

- Clean skin very gently with cleanser, avoid harsh scrubs.

- Use oil & alcohol free cosmetics & facial products. Clean all make up at bedtime.

- Avoid irritating your skin by rubbing, touching, squeezing too much.

- Avoid sunburn or suntan.

- Shampoo hair regularly.

- Do not squeeze, scratch or pick pimples; it may lead to infection or scarring. Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits & vegetables.

- Always use clean face towels to prevent bacterial reinjection.

- Every time wash your face immediately after workout, since sweat when combines to skin oil can trap bacteria in your pores.

- Paste made from mashed papaya of slight honey when used as facial mask, will heal lesions.

- Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to detoxify your body.

- Homoeopathy eliminates Acne forever, for a clear improvement in the skin's overall condition & to get a clean & healthy radiance to your face.

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