9) Fibroids in uterus

The cause for uterine fibroids is unknown but there some factors recognized which contributes to their growth. One such factor is hormonal imbalance resulting in over production of oestrogen whose basic function is to initiate cell growth. Another factor is genetics or family history. There are several homoeopathic & holistic approaches for treating uterine fibroids.
Dietary guidelines for women suffering from fibroids focus on low estrogen. A poor diet can increase estrogen level & prohibit the body’s ability to break down & secret excess estrogen. Reducing fat intake & increasing fiber intake will lower oestrogen production which may stop fibroid growth. Eliminate following from your diet- dairy products, saturated fat from meat, sugar. Recommended food includes green vegetables, oats. Homoeopathic medicine is the best option to avoid surgical procedure for fibroids.

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