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  1. Rest
  2. Strenghening exercises
  3. Stretching exercises-first lift left leg without bending in knee joint, then lift right leg, then both legs.this should be done 5 times in a day.
  4. Hot or cold packs on affected area

Few of our homeopathic remedies for lumbar Spondylosis include:
Rhus tox – Pain and stiffness in the small of back < from sitting, lying.>by motion, lying on something hard. Sensation as if lying on something hard. Lumbago pains down back of thighs < stool. Legs feel dead, wooden.Pain between shoulders on swallowing.
Ruta – Pain in the back. Backache > by pressure, morning laying on the morning before rising.Sciatica < lying down at night.pain from back extending down to hips & thighs..
Calcarea Phos – It is excellent medicine for spondylosis, spine weak.Soreness in sacro-iliac symphysis, Stiffness and pain, with cold, numb feeling, worse any change of weather. Buttocks, back and limbs asleep. Pains in joints and bones.

Symphytum – excellent remedy for fractures & mechanical injuries.irritability at point of fracture, periosteal pain after wounds have healed.faciliatates union of fractured bones, reduces pricking pain, helps in callous production.when trouble from nervous origin.
Causticum - Left-sided sciatica with numbness.Heaviness & weakness, stiffness between shoulders.<cold air, cold winds.> damp wet weather.
Arnica Montan - Pain in back and limbs, as if bruised or beaten.Sprained and dislocated feeling.Soreness after overexertion.Everything on which he lies seems too hard.Cannot walk erect, on account of bruised pain in pelvic region.

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