Some wonderful  remedies are as follows;-

Baryta carb: Suited to children who are backward mentally 7 & physically, are dwarfish, swollen abdomen, loss of memory, mental weakness, bashful, aversion to strangers, loss of confidence in himself.

Calc carb: Suited to fat fair flabby children who are slow in learning to walk.Children who grow fat, large bellied, desire for indigestible things like chalk, mud, etc.loss of confidence.
A jaded state, mental or physical, due to overwork.

Bufo Rana: Suited to feeble minded children, prematurely senile, epileptic symptoms.convulsive seizures occurs during sleep at night. Desire for solitude.

Aetusa cynicism: It is useful in children having diarrhoea during dentition period.Children who can not tolerate milk, inability to digest milk, poor circulation. Children are Restless, anxious, crying. Inability to think, to fix attention.

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