Homeopathy Approach

As homeopathy treats the person as a whole with a pathological condition. Medicines should be taken only under the doctor’s advice. Homeopathic medicines helps in dissolving  the calculus/stone and stops the further development of stones.  Below are few of the homeopathic medicines.
BERBERIS VULGARIS: One of the excellent medicine for calculi. Shooting pain radiates from a point. Sharp darting pains the following ureter and extending downward to legs. Burning and soreness in lumbar and kidney region.
CANTHARIS: Best remedy for renal stones. Pains are severe, lancinating and stabbing like knives. Pain radiates in different directions. Burning pain with urging to urinate. Violent pain in the bladder.
SARSAPARILLA: The excruciating neuralgic pain of kidney. Renal colic. Extreme pain at conclusion of urination. Urinnne is red sandy. Renal and vesical calculi.
LYCOPODIUM: Right sided pain. Pain extends along ureter to bladder. Backache after urination.
Pain in left side. Violent pains in streaks like lightening, pain in spots and burning. Colicky pain aggravated after lying. Oxaluria. Back feels too weak.

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