Homeopathy Treatment

It has more than 200 preventive & curative medicines that work very well for persons of all ages. Remedy is prescribed on the basis of the patient's history & correct homeopathic medicine can even prevent the spread of infections.

 a)Euphrasia: Free, acrid, watery secretions, watery Eyes. Abundant, acrid or hot, smarting Tears, with bland coryza.

        -open air, lying or coughing, loose cough, easy expectoration, in daytime only, less on lying down at night.
 b)Allium Cepa: Indicated in copious, watery and extremely acrid discharge from nose & bland tears from the eyes
        -warm room
        -open air

 c)Hepar Sulph: Chilly & oversensitive to cold, cough, choking, barking cold drinks.Weakness and much rattling in chest. Rough sticking like a splinter, fish bone, etc in throat. Running thick, offensive discharges from the nose.
        -cold air, winter.
        -Heat, Damp weather.

 d)Sabadila: Persistent, Violent or abortive sneezing, hay fever nose, itches ribs or picks it very dry sticking in spreads.
              over whole body, then dyspnoea follows.Itching soft palate.obstructed sensation in the nose.

  e)Pulsatilla: Profuse, Bland, thick, yellow-Green discharges, bitter mucus, Thirstless, Short of breath & chilly. Foul discharge or bad odor before nose.
        -cold, open air.

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