Homeopathic medicine

1)Calcareous Phos- It is very good for bony changes in the cervical spine.There is some bony spurs that have formed in the vertebra.It can cause vertige if nerves get pressed.

2)Cimicifuga- There is shooting and throbbing pain in head. It is very good for treating stiffness in neck from cervical spondylosis stiffness & contraction in the neck pain aggravate by lying down.

3)Arnica- Pain in the back as if bruised or beaten, sprained & dislocating feeling everything on which he lies seems too hard can't walk erect, on account of the bruised pain in pelvic region.

4)Symphytam- It is very great medicine for cervical spondylosis.There is pricking pain, irritability at point of fracture.It is important in neck injury.There is stiffness, bruise & blows.

5)Gelsemium- It is great help in treating cervical spondylosis when the pain travels from the neck to the back of head. Most of time the pain gets centred in the occipital region.

6) Homoeopathic medicine act on muscles it relax the muscle and pain.
7)If there is slip disc then medicine helps in relieving the pressure on nerve and cured due to slip disc.
8)Homoeopathic medicine helps in improving the health day by day and amazing results in cervical spondylosis.

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