Homeopathy Remedies

Hamomelis- There may be bleeding from the veins. There is a feeling of tiredness in the legs. There may be a sore, brusied feeling in muscles of legs. The vertices may be inflamed.

Pulsatilla- Best medicine durning pregnancy. Intense pain in varicose veins. The patients is usually thirstless. Unable to tolrate heat or warm weather feels better in open air.

Calcarea carb- Varicose veins with painlessness. The patient is malnourished but obese. There maybe burning sensation in vericose veins. Patient is Chilly. The hand sand feet remian cold and may have escessive sweating.
Graphites- There is itching with vericosities cramping pains in the legs. The patients is obese, constipated and may have other skin problems.

Arnica- Commonly indicated when there is a sore, bruised sensation in the vericose vein. Feeling as if one has been beaten. There may be bluish or blackish discolouration of the veins. Any exertion aggravotes the trouble.

Calc.Flur- Vericose veins with with marked swelling. It helps to decrease the swelling in a very safe and natural way. congenital hereditory syptilis Induration threatening supporton. vascular tumours with dilated blood-vessels and vericose or enlarged veins. fistulous ulcers, secreting thick, yellow plus hard, elevated edges of Ulcer, surrounding  skin purple and swollen. Indurations of story hardness worse during rest, change of weather, better by heat, warm applications.

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