Homeopathic Remedies

  1. Sabal Serrulata - Excellent remedy in homeopathic treatement for BEP in males with constant desire to urinate at night. Prostatic hypertrophy associated with cystitis loss of sexual power in male with urinary complaints.
  2. Conium - Very useful remedy for BEP in old men with hard, indurated prostatic enlargement, great difficulty in voiding with interrupted stream of urine, dribbling stream of urine.
  3. Cantharis - This remedy acts on the urinary & sexual organs causing voilent inflammation.Intolerable urging,urine passed drop by drop constant desire to urinate,urine jelly like shreddy.
  4. Calc-carb - It is a constitutional remedy suited to fair, fat & fabby patients. It acts on glands causing glandular swelling so it is thought of in cases of BEP where there is irritable bladder & enuresis.
  5. Iodum - This remedy is best suited to hot patients with glandular complaints. It acts on prostate gland and causes induration & swelling with frequent urination so it is an excellent remedy in case of BEP.

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