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  1. Causium: Epilepsy at the age of puberty due to menstrual irregularity or suppression of enptions or to some fright, worse during new moon. Involuntary urination. Better by drinking cold water
  2. Cuprum Metallicum: The aura begins in the lower extrmities and ascends to the hypogastrium region when unconsciousness, convulsions and foaming of the mouth suprevene.
  3. The patient continously protrucles & retracts tongue during the attack.
  4. Worse in a warm room. Oppressive headache preceding the attack.
  5. Nux vomica: Convulsions with consciousness, worse with anger, touch, emotion, moving, indigestion. Covulsions with tetanic rigidity, opisthotonos,red face closed eyes. Involuntary defection and urination in fit. Aura from epigastrium. Deep sleep follows the attack. Worse in open air.
  6. Bufo Rana: When due to masturbation or sexual excesses. The fit may return during coition. An awful sensation of anxiety in the abdomen and then there is a sudden loss of consciousness.Pupils largely dilated and unaffected by light before the attack. Aura starts from sexual organs or abdomen. Mouth wide open before an attack and droping of the jaw after the attack. Urine passes in voluntarily after the attack or epilepsy occurs during sleep.
  7. Agaricusm: In epilepsy when after the attack there is great flow of ideas & the patient talks too much fit of epilepsy every seven days. Begins with paroxysm of yawning.

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