Homeopathy Remedies

  1. Cornium: Trouble caused blow or injury any rain-Suppressed menses, Aversion to light. Weakness of vision.
  2. Staphy: - Stye appear on upper eyelid on both eyelid. Comming on one after another and when they disappear, Hard nodssities and left in their place.
  3. Euphrasia: - Cotarrhal condition of eyes sensation - dryness, burning, bitting in eye. Characteristics - water all time copious and aerid profuse acrid lacrymation with profuse blood coryza. look of eye - Burning, lid red, swellon very much sensative to touch, Itching eye. Pain - cutting pain in eyes, extending to head at evening.
  4. Allium cepa -Burning, bitting, smarthing sensation from smoke. - Excessive lacrymation which profuse. But bland - left sided.
  5. Ruta Alf-mechanical Injury - overstrain of occular muscles characteristics - Acting sever - Blurred vision - Eye burn, ache, red - Feel strained and hot like with spasm of lower lid.

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