Homeopathic Remedies

  1. Hamamelis: - Propese bleeding. flow is passive, non-coagulable with tightness in the bridge of nose. Bad odour, violet itching & burning. Evening, from cold, wet weather & lying down and dry weather.
  2. Millefolium: - Nose bleed,piecing pain from eyes to root of nose. Epistaxis with congestion to head and chest. Painless without fever. Bright red,fluid blood.
  3. Mellilotus: - Propese epistaxis, Intense congestion to head to face, the face is extremely cold.
  4. China: - Frequent nose bleed in anaemic patient. Bleeding especially in morning on rusing. Cold sweat about nose.
  5. Phospharus: - Epistaxis usually in morning or while straining at stools. Epistaxis instead of menses. Patient oversensitive to smell. Due to higher pressure epistaxis starts. The free and bright red coloured blood oozes from nostrils.

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