Homeopathic Remedies

  1. Belladonna: Alf - draught of air, uncovering head, hair cut. Congestion and fullness of head, throbbingcorotids. Throbbing headache with flushed face. Noise, jar, motion, light, lying down exertion.
  2. Natrum muriaticum: Headache -anaemic of school girls,from sunrise to sunset. Headache begins with blindness with zizzig, dazzling, like lightening in eyes. Sensation as if thousands little hammers were knocking in the brain.
  3. Glonoine: Sun headache - increases and decreases every day with sun. Terrific shock in the head synchronous with the pulse. Thrbbing,pulsating headache, holds head with both hands, could not lie down,"the pillow would beat".
  4. Spigelia: Nervous headache,periodical begining in morning,at the base of brain, spreading over the head and locating in eye,orbit and temples of left side. Headache from sunrise to sunset. Pain pulsating,violent,throbbing.
  5. Silicra: Chronic sick headache,since some severse disease of youth. Headache ascending from nope of neck to the vertel, as if coming from the spinse and locating in one eye, especially right. Drafts of air, uncovering head.
  6. Sanguinaria:  Periodical sick headache,begins in morning, increases during the day. Lasts until evening. Head feels as if it would burst, or as if eyes would be pressed out. American sick headache. Sleep,by perfect quiet in dark room.

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