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 Dr. Girish Tathed has published many articles on homeopathy and health in newspapers and magazines. Attached to predicting homeopathy in Mumbai. Clinic in-house pharmacy that specializes in imported medicines of homeopathy. Dr. Girish Tathed has 18 years of experience in practicing homeopathy in Chinchwad, Pune. Having Biggest Homoeopathy Clinic in Pune & PCMC with 5 doctors and staff members. Special doctors are involved for case taking and personalized services. His clinic offers 20% discount on blood testing from renowned labs in and around PCMC

    Effectiveness of Programs:

    The uniqueness of the program is its simplicity and effectiveness with hardly any effort from your end. The result is highly profound and leaves a long lasting impression in your life. This program not only treats your body but even revitalizes your mind to embark upon a journey towards a better life; a life with rejuvenated health and vitality, free from diseases and ailments only with Homoeopathy. It seeks to enhance the light and life force in each individual. Cultivating dignity and a sense of compassion, it restores a peaceful heart and a vivid sense of purpose.

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