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homeopathic treatment for tuberculosis in puneTuberculosis caused by infection with mycobacterium tuberculi which is part of a complex of organism including mycobacterium bovis & mycobacterium africanum.

Risk factors:

  • Age: children > young & adults < elderly
  • Close contact of patients with smear positive pulmonary TB
  • Overcrouded prison collective dorminories
  • Primary infection

Clinical features:

  • Chronic cough often with haemoptysis
  • Pyrexia of unknown origin
  • Unresolved pneumonia
  • Exutative pleural effusion
  • Asymptomatic [diagnosis on x-ray]
  • General debility, weight loss, heamothorax.

Role of homoeopathy:

In TB patient, immunity starts deranging, which leads to various infectious diseases.

With the help of homoeopathic medicines patients immunity starts increasing, pathological derangement in lungs start repairing.

Slowly & gradually person improves his immunity & cough gets less in frequency, patient feels internally fit & fine after treatment


  • Ars iod
  • Dros
  • Hepar sulph

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