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homoeopathy centre in puneNeoplasm or tumour is a mass of tissue formed as a result of abnormal, excessive,  uncoordinated ,autonous & purposeless proliferation of cells.              
Neoplasm may be ‘benign’ when they are slow growing & localised without causing much difficulty to the host or ‘malignant’ when they proliferates rapidly, spreads throughout the body & may eventually cause death of the host.
The common term used for all malignant tumours is cancer.


  • Cigarette smoking
  • Tobacco chewing
  • Exposure to radiations
  • Alcohol
  • Food additives
  • Pollutions
  • Occupation-Asbestos,Aniline dyes,UV light
  • Sexual behaviour
  • Medicines & Medical procedures-Cytotonins
  • Infections-Schistomiassis, Human papillomo virus 16 & 17
  • Genetics-
    • # Breast cancer gene 1/2- Breast & ovareian cancer
    • # Hereditary non-polyposis coloreted cancer gene-colon & endometrial cancer
  • Adenopolyposis coli gene – colorectal cancer


Local features according to site of cancer


  • Lump
  • pain
  • Obstrutions
  • Abdominal Swelling [ascites]
  • Skin abnormalitis

Systemic Features:

  • Height loss & Anorexia [loss of appetite]
  • Fatigue, Malaise
  • Fever, Drowsiness
  • Malnutrition, General ill-health


  • Endoscopy, Bronchoscope, Colonoscopy
  • USG & X-ray
  • CT-Scan
  • Biopsy or fine needle aspirates
  • Bone scan
  • Tumor markers in blood


  • Sepsis / Fever
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Metastasis to various organs & adjacent organ
  • Hypercalcaemid
  • Cardiac Temponade
  • Superior vena caval obstrution

Role of Homoeopathy

  • Endoscopy, Bronchoscope, Colonoscopy
  • USG & X-ray
  • CT-Scan
  • Biopsy or fine needle aspirates
  • Bone scan
  • Tumor markers in blood

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At Dr.Tathed's Homeopathy And Healing Center, we provide homeopathic treatment for many chronic diseases like Asthma, Allergies, Kidney stones, Tonsillitis, Piles, IBS, Psoriasis, Joint Pains, Obesity, etc., acute diseases like Cold, Cough, Headache, Fever and complex diseases like Brain Diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid Diseases, etc.

We serves all patients by the best homeopathy treatment in Akurdi, Aundh, Balewadi, Baner, Bavdhan, Bhandarkar Road, Bhugaon, Cinchwad, FC Road, Gahunje, Hinjewadi, Hinjewadi phase 1, Hinjewadi phase 2, Hinjewadi phase 3, JM Road, Kothrud, Mahalunge, Nigdi-Pradhikaran, Pashan, Punawale, Ravet, Sanghvi, SB Road, Tathawade, Thergaon, Wakad, etc.

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